The way you dress is the manifestation of your ambition. It’s an image you use to attract attention, to make others interested in yourself, and then to create relationship space.

Personally, I feel best in harmony and consistency. I only have clothes I love in my wardrobe.

Ula Kamińska, clothing psychology expert, consultant on image and style

One of the best personal shoppers in Poland according to ELLE magazine

Author of Style Guide.


I’ll have a look at your dressing preferences, your current style and your habits. By focusing on every item in your wardrobe, I will create the foundations for your new, exquisite, unique look. The product you get out of the wardrobe review will be a set of clothes matching your figure and personality perfectly, a wardrobe full of items that will let you shine with your natural glamour.

The scope of my ‘wardrobe review’ comprises:

  • Selecting and retaining those items of clothing which are capable of emphasizing your true beauty;
  • Putting away those items which deprive you of the joy of being yourself, of energy and motivation;
  • Based on my fashion and trend knowledge: creating a new wardrobe, full of surprising and inventive combinations and looks, all involving your favourite pieces of clothes;
  • Identifying the source of your authentic style, and summarizing the items which are missing in the complete creation of that style.

Price: PLN 3000


New season, new quality, new look. With this service, you can have a look at the quality of your appearance at any point in your life, and make your clothes represent your inner feeling of uniqueness. The idea behind this service is to express yourself through the way you dress.

The “Style” service comprises:

  • Selection of best matching, timeless items among those in fashion;
  • Creating sets of clothes that fit your professional and personal needs and lifestyle;
  • Choosing the clothes that would discreetly emphasize your visual advantages and inner qualities;
  • Creating a distinctive image that will make you more self-confident and freshen up your look.

Price: PLN 5000


Do you expect a spectacular effect and a new quality in your appearance and in the way you create your looks? Do you value your time more than anything? Use my imagination, creative skills, sensitivity and empathy – let me create your style and define it smoothly for you from the start. With this service, your unique qualities will be emphasized by your attire. First, I will take a look at your personality, your inner needs and values. Then, I will use them to develop an image which will become your logo and the perfect framework for your individuality.

The “Personality” service comprises:

  • Reviewing the wardrobe and eliminating mismatched clothes and accessories;
  • Creating a comprehensive style and image based on your unique qualities;
  • Addition of clothes that combine uniqueness with quality;
  • Selection and matching of clothes and accessories that will perfectly emphasize your personality traits;
  • Comfortable feeling;
  • Support in the process of familiarizing yourself with the slightly adjusted style.

Price: PLN 10,000


Silent, invisible wardrobe management, updating it on an ongoing basis with new items that are missing. The purpose of this service is to prepare sets of clothes for a month full of meetings, travel, other social and business events. It will make your wardrobe full of complete proposals that will match every need for perfect appearance. As a result, you get a perfectly tailored wardrobe, accurate in every detail and in any circumstances.

The “Management” service comprises:

  • Detailed calendar review;
  • Preparing sets of clothes for every occasion;
  • Perfecting every detail of the attire;
  • Getting some free time, and guaranteed WOW effect;
  • Support in case of urgency

Price: PLN 2500